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  • A Month of Wellness

    Pefect for those looking for deeper healing
    Valid for one month
    • Advanced Techniques for Healing

A month of wellness includes 4 private healing sessions, over a one month time frame, continued invitations to free weekly workshops, and
Future discounts on sessions. ($100 sessions, thats $80 off all future sessions!!) Future discounts on classes and schools.

Session 1 We will discuss a plan of action for finding balance of body, mind, and spirit.
Session also includes emotional mapping, stress releasing techniques using breath and visualization, animal totem reading, and a 15 minute sound healing.

Session 2 Is a total body cleansing and healing. Includes Aura clearing.

Session 3 We work deeply on releasing old patterns and programming from childhood and traumas.

Session 4 Is a deep advanced technique for continued healing of ancestral and karmic issues.