Some on this page know me, for those that I have yet to meet, I am Tereasa, owner of Harvester of Healing, a hospice doula/ energy healing/ licensed minister.  


I'm hosting my first intro workshop



Via zoom, Saturday ,February 27th at 2pm
Join me for a fascinating, experiential workshop on energy healing using the profoundly effective tools and practices from ONE LIGHT HEALING TOUCH. We will discuss how life force energy flows, how we create reality and how we can become healthier employing the six sacred practices: meditation, visualization, sound work, breath work, movement and sacred ceremony and how to heal ourselves with hands-on healing. Our Instructor will lead us in several key self-healing exercises and a healing meditation, focusing on facilitating the release of stress and illness to promote optimal health.

ONE LIGHT HEALING TOUCH™ was founded in 1996, by Ron Lavin, MA, a renowned healer and gifted psychic. He has participated in five landmark energy healing studies with the (NIH) and has been featured in the media internationally. OLHT is an acclaimed International Energy Healing and Mystery School and offers Basic, Masters and Teacher-Training Programs. The schools are primarily located in the US and Germany.

Pre registration required. Contact us at for your welcome letter and zoom invitation ♡

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